July 2012

Last week I wrote a piece focusing on storybooks and relationships, complaining essential lessons about love are not in these books. I then discovered a storybook last weekend that does teach a wonderful lesson to children. A lesson I just learned at 43. Two special little girls in my life have a book called Claire […]


This week you would think Disney was sponsoring posts at Naked Girl in a Dress. David from The Blue Orchid of Texas was my guest and wrote “Interviewing Prince Charming” on Thursday. It’s a piece on what questions to ask a guy before you get in too deep emotionally. I also wrote all about storybook […]


Last week I did a face plant into a box of tissues. When I could cry no more, I slowly removed my head from the sodden box, carefully opening my red, swollen eyes. I was amazed by several things I observed: The world had not ended in my absence. My appetite had indeed returned. I […]


Today’s guest is a special friend: David from The Blue Orchid of Texas. We visit each other’s blogs and enjoy interacting on Studio30 Plus. David always leaves wonderfully insightful and often funny comments here and I love our interactions elsewhere. Anyone who has spent 60 seconds on David’s blog knows he loves women. But if […]


As I sit to write this it is almost noon. I have not felt nauseous and there have been no tears so far today. I am also breathing deeper than I have been capable of all week. Part of this is because time is passing and there are only so many tears that can be […]


I have been quiet on my blog lately, but feel it’s time to write again. There are many things I would like to write about, but I have this big elephant sitting across the desk from me right now. She’s taunting me as I try to write about parenting, happiness, or anything else that comes […]