October 2012

I have been a Halloween crank with my kids. The decorations didn’t go up until yesterday. Frankenstorm was here to destroy the outside decorations, but I can’t use that as an excuse; there was nothing inside either. Last night pumpkin carving was a disaster. We had a rotten pumpkin that smelled like decomposing seafood when […]


Hurricane Sandy, also known affectionately as Frankenstorm, is coming.¬†What it meant for our area was mass panic over the weekend. Purchasing water, food, and any other item deemed a hurricane essential became the priority. Securing outdoor items, filling up gas tanks, and preparing for the loss of power was also part of the preparations for […]


Today’s guest writer, Patricia Iles, is one of the newest members of Studio30 Plus. After reading a piece she submitted to the S30P Community Blog, and reading her writing at Contemplating Happiness, I knew I wanted to invite Patricia to write for Naked Girl in a Dress. She has a beautiful outlook on life with […]


Beginning to fade from the extended exposure to sunlight was a child’s artwork project on my friend’s refrigerator. Her daughter was asked to fill in the blank inside a heart glued to pink construction paper. It simply read: “Love is…” Here was her response: “Love is happiness in your heart.” How simple, yet accurate. Children […]


When my friend Brahm from Alfred Lives Here asked me to guest write for his blog while he is on a fabulous two-week cruise, I was happy to accept. But then the bomb was dropped; I had to write about pop culture. My understanding of pop culture is limited to what I scan daily on […]


Living with No Regrets

October 19, 2012

in Life Lessons

“What are your dreams?” Someone asked me that soon after I separated from my ex. The question stumped me. I didn’t have an answer, and I was embarrassed I could not conjure up one thing I dreamed to do in my lifetime. To fill the awkward silence, I started rattling off things I wanted for […]