November 2012

Perfection. I have written my thoughts about this being a dirty word for me. This perfection-seeking tendency is something I will wrestle with quietly my whole life. When I slip into the perfection mode, it leads to trumped-up expectations and inevitable disappointment. Seeking this out in any area of life, including the search for a partner, is […]


Size matters. That’s what a lot of people say. I don’t think it matters as much as when a guy lies about size though. That’s why I pay attention to this important detail on the first date, figuring out if he was honest in his profile. If he lied, even by an inch, he’s done. No […]


Happy Cyber Monday

November 26, 2012

in Life Lessons

After writing a somewhat anti-Black Friday and anti-consumerism post last week, publishing this piece today might seem contradictory. It’s not. We will all be shopping for our kids and loved ones, but how, where, and when I partake in the holiday shopping madness is something I can control. I fully embrace online shopping and Cyber […]


Love, Hope, and Faith

November 21, 2012

in Life Lessons

Consumer-focused Black Friday is looming, and threatening to take the spotlight off Thanksgiving. Many retailers are opening on the holiday this year, which to me is sad. I refuse to shop Friday, planning to spend another family-focused day together instead. Thankfully, others are also thinking of more important needs than those that are found at […]


The gray area. My own version of a mental Purgatory. Having uncertainty leaves me spinning, looking incessantly for the answer so that I can move myself safely into a clearly-defined area: the land of black and white. But sometimes, no matter how hard I focus on something that is not clear to me, I won’t […]


A Week of Giving Thanks

November 19, 2012

in Life Lessons

This week of Thanksgiving I will be doing something more productive than stressing about seating for dinner, figuring out if I have enough plates to feed 40+ people dessert, or whether I am buying the right size turkey to feed the crowd. Instead I am working a little each day to prepare logistically while spending […]