anger issues

“Your dad is a good person, but we aren’t good together.” This is the greatest level of detail my children received from me regarding their dad, our problems, and the resulting divorce. There was more to the ongoing discussion about our change in family structure, but that was the standard line given to answer the […]


The Power of Words

January 7, 2013

in Life Lessons

Words. Used wisely, they spark many emotions in a person, including make someone smile, laugh, feel loved, create a sense of safety, or build esteem. Used irresponsibly, words can do serious damage to another. They can cause hurt feelings, create doubt, instill instability, bring on feelings of worthlessness, and create sorrow to name a few. […]


When most of us thought we would be mindlessly viewing images of cats on Facebook following the election, instead we are reading endless posts on state secession. At the time of this writing, 36 states have started petitions. Three of the states, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida, have the required 25K+ signed petitions for the White […]


As I was upstairs getting ready to leave for baseball practice yesterday, I heard a commotion on the first floor. There was yelling, door slamming, and  sobbing. As I started down the stairs I saw my daughter with her face scrunched up in an evil look and my son, suited up for practice, sitting on […]