being a writer

“What are your qualifications to be writing about relationships?” This question was posed to me recently, which made me laugh. He was being serious and clearly critical of me with his intonation. He was even more displeased when I started laughing. With an undergraduate and masters in Psychology and a former university psychology professor, he […]


Nothing pleases me more than hosting someone who has recently come out as a blogger. Last month I hosted Marie Nicole, who used to blog under the pen name Nikki Rules. The latest guest writer reveling in her nakedness is Aimee (formerly Deus Ex Machina) from Goddess in the Machine. She is a talented, prolific writer. […]


The fascinating Marie Nicole from My Cyber House Rules is guest writer today. Fascinating because she traveled ten months a year as a race car mechanic. Marie then focused on roller derby. Now she lives and sails full time with her husband on their boat. And that’s just the beginning to what makes Marie unique. […]


I have been stuck. For the first time since starting this blog, I have struggled with writing. While Ernest Hemingway probably took his own advice literally, it resonated for me this week figuratively: “Write drunk; edit sober.” My writing struggle has not been a Jack-Torrence-like* problem; I have not been staring at a blank screen […]