Breaking up

My romantic relationships have always come with expiration dates. I can’t always clearly read the date or know the circumstances, but each will perish. This isn’t the healthiest way to start a relationship, searching closely for a date stamp. There will be new beginnings and I should expect some endings, but when the right man comes my […]


Do you see the sign to the left? I am told by a reliable source it is an exit sign. I can’t see it because I have a rare visual disorder that only affects my ability to see exit signs. As you would imagine, this is very dangerous in case of emergencies. And I seem […]


Last week I did a face plant into a box of tissues. When I could cry no more, I slowly removed my head from the sodden box, carefully opening my red, swollen eyes. I was amazed by several things I observed: The world had not ended in my absence. My appetite had indeed returned. I […]


I have been quiet on my blog lately, but feel it’s time to write again. There are many things I would like to write about, but I have this big elephant sitting across the desk from me right now. She’s taunting me as I try to write about parenting, happiness, or anything else that comes […]


Someone I love is being bullied by a vapid man who perceives her to be an easy target for abuse. Men like him, who prey on women, are weak, cowardly, and sad. This one is no exception. His abuse is calculated and sick. And baffling. Baffling because the relationship used to be based upon love. Now […]


Scheduling guest writers each month is one of my favorite blogging activities. What I enjoy most is mixing it up–providing men, women, single, married, and best of all, a wide range of topics. Today’s guest writer, Lee Block, is one who stands out as different from all the writers I have hosted this year: she […]