commitment phobia

Saying Yes

December 7, 2012

in Relationships

 “I am never getting married again.” “There’s probably only a 10% chance we will still be together at Thanksgiving.” “You have no business remarrying either, Sean.” “Let’s promise to see that movie in December even if we are just friends at that point.” This is just a sampling of what Sean has endured with me. […]


He’s Worth It

December 6, 2012

in Relationships

Readers have been on a roller coaster with me, sharing my excitement over a new relationship, and my tears at it’s conclusion. I write from my heart, sharing it all. When it comes to commitment, I prattle on about breaking out in hives whenever anyone mentions the M-word (marriage) and F-word (forever). It’s a stressful […]


Tenacious. That’s one adjective a man used to describe himself to me on a first date a month ago. I thought I understood the definition of tenacious before I started dating him, but he has shown me I really didn’t understand the meaning. Tenacious is when a man is interested in a woman, but is […]


I have a confession to make: I am a serial monogamist at heart. If I like a guy after a couple of dates, it seems logical to me to focus what time I have to date on getting to know him better. I don’t usually declare I am exclusive, but rather quietly make the decision […]


This week was the start of a series based upon recent reflection, which I hope will lead to greater understanding and personal growth. Over the next few weeks I will be discussing the following topics: happiness, success, commitment, boundaries, perfection, and independence. With posts about my thoughts on commitment and independence published this week, I […]