Standing at the edge of the lake early Sunday morning before starting the swim for Iron Girl Rocky Gap triathlon, many emotions were brewing. I thought about what was happening in my life the last time I competed in a triathlon, which was 15 long months ago. So much had changed. I was now divorced, […]


Dear Motorist, Last week there was unseasonably warm weather for the DC area so I decided to go cycling. I was reminded from my first experience  on the road this season that I should write you to give you some unsolicited advice. Maybe this is rude of me, but I would like to survive my […]


If you  read my last post and think the fact that two men in the last two years wrecked me emotionally the day before a race was lost on me, it was not. I was able to immediately make the connection last weekend and quickly alter my pre-race checklist to look like this: 1-Check weather […]