Dating after divorce

Today’s guest writer is Nicole DeFelice. She is a talented writer and professional editor. Her articles about editing in the Studio30 Plus Community Blog are always popular. Nicole’s writing on her own blog, Disturb the Universe, is a unique collection of stories about philosophy and life. But what I like most about this multi-talented woman […]


Considering two weeks before I met The Boyfriend I declared I was never dating again, this relationship was unexpected. It’s not just about the surprise of finding myself in a relationship right after embracing spinsterhood though. Everything about this relationship continues to be different from anything I could have imagined. One amazing fact is the […]


I have been considering taking a big step: to marry again. I stand by all the reasons why I hesitate in remarrying, but there is an overriding need for a husband that I just can’t quiet within me any longer. This will come as a shock to many, including The Boyfriend, that I am even […]


Baseball. To me, it’s the greatest sport. In season I could write posts weekly at Naked Girl in a Dress, but I am confident, knowing my readers, I would be deleted from RSS feeds with increasing frequency if I did. While I can’t transform my site into all-baseball all the time, I do sprinkle in […]


“How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” ~Fight Club There is truth in this statement for life in general, but specifically in relationships. Learning about a new partner in a relationship, many things should be considered. Physical attraction, sexual chemistry, similar interests, compatibility, and communication styles are just […]


Opposites attract. Everyone has heard the saying, but is it true? Some experts say it isn’t accurate if looking for a successful, long-term relationship.* I agree. There can be an initial excitement when meeting someone with different life experiences, interests, and beliefs, but after the curiosity has waned, what is left? I don’t believe, from […]