Admittedly, I don’t have all the answers to life, love, and parenting; I simply opine on the topics based upon my personal experiences and observations.  Quite often when I write on a particular subject, something wonderful happens: people leave wise comments, enriching the dialog I begin with my post. In August just such a discussion […]


Never. That used to be my answer. I didn’t see a reason to unnecessarily bring my kids into a relationship that probably would not last. When I fell in love with a man last year, the answer changed to: Months into the relationship (and slowly). As he was becoming more a part of my life, it […]


Never one to focus on having regrets in life doesn’t mean I don’t wistfully think it would be nice for a do-over at times. In my marriage the constant theme for a do-over was simply laughter; I would have loved to have married someone who made me laugh, a deep, soul-satisfying belly laugh, daily. When […]


In the time I have been single, I have learned a few important things from dating: The first kiss isn’t an indicator of chemistry. A toe-curling first kiss isn’t a foreshadowing of a long-lasting physical connection. The first date is typically a dance, searching for both a romantic stirring as well as obtaining information to […]


Tenacious. That’s one adjective a man used to describe himself to me on a first date a month ago. I thought I understood the definition of tenacious before I started dating him, but he has shown me I really didn’t understand the meaning. Tenacious is when a man is interested in a woman, but is […]


This morning I woke with a sense of both dread and excitement. Excitement for the upcoming date with a great guy this evening.  A guy who is bright, funny, and simply cool. “Cool” not being a word I typically use to describe people, but it suits him perfectly. He is incredibly intelligent, excelling at anything […]