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Work, after school activities, dinner prep, house cleaning, homework assistance, errand running, bill paying, and peacekeeping are some of the activities responsible adults with children attend to on a regular basis. It’s hard to make time for the other things we love: reading, exercising, taking up a new hobby, or catching up on a favorite […]

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2012: In My Own Words

January 2, 2013

in Mixed Bag

Tomorrow I will be sharing the top ten posts I published in 2012. It’s based upon what readers liked the most of my writing effort in 2012. Today, though, I share my own review of 2012; the posts that help me recall funny times, poignant moments, wonderful life lessons, and more. Maybe not the most […]

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It’s Not Goodbye…

November 15, 2012

in Must Reads

Some people enter our lives at precisely the right moment to make a significant impact. Tracey Gaughran-Perez is one of those people for me; she has been an inspiration from the moment I discovered her blog, Sweetney. Tracey’s ability to serve as a muse of sorts didn’t just have to do with her incredible gift […]

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Dare to Dream Big

November 7, 2012

in Life Lessons

As we were driving recently, my son shared with me his life plan (his words). Some of his dreams I have heard before, but a few new ones were added as well. Here’s what he shared: “After college I am going to be a professional baseball player. Since I will have a lot of time […]

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 Starting over. Learning something new. Choosing a different path to follow. These are all terrifying concepts. There is comfort in making excuses for being stuck in one place; less risk is involved.  It is much easier to remain mired in a variety of ways, whether emotionally, professionally, intellectually or physically. The first step is to […]

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“Mom, we need 25 helium balloons, a video camera, and a homing device,” said Monkey last night at dinner. The topic of discussion was planning an adventure for the three of us. This is something we do quite often. Not shooting video in outer space (Monkey’s idea), but rather planning adventures. I firmly believe to […]

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