Last month I raced in the Annapolis Zooma Half Marathon. It was an incredibly hot and humid day. My training leading up to the race was not what I would have liked and the race conditions were not optimal. It required me to dig deep, but I didn’t allow myself  the option of quitting. Mile […]


If you didn’t read my last post, click HERE to read Girls’ Weekend Part 1. While it was unspoken between us, I think AC and I shared the belief that we might cross the finish line in an ambulance. The reason for this pessimism was the lack of training for both of us. We were […]


AC is one of my closest friends and an incredible woman. We always have fun, laugh a lot, have similar interests, and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. And, as every good relationship is built on a solid foundation, so too is this one. For us, it is food. We love to talk about food, browse […]