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Saying Yes

December 7, 2012

in Relationships

 “I am never getting married again.” “There’s probably only a 10% chance we will still be together at Thanksgiving.” “You have no business remarrying either, Sean.” “Let’s promise to see that movie in December even if we are just friends at that point.” This is just a sampling of what Sean has endured with me. […]


He’s Worth It

December 6, 2012

in Relationships

Readers have been on a roller coaster with me, sharing my excitement over a new relationship, and my tears at it’s conclusion. I write from my heart, sharing it all. When it comes to commitment, I prattle on about breaking out in hives whenever anyone mentions the M-word (marriage) and F-word (forever). It’s a stressful […]


Today’s guest writer is Nicole DeFelice. She is a talented writer and professional editor. Her articles about editing in the Studio30 Plus Community Blog are always popular. Nicole’s writing on her own blog, Disturb the Universe, is a unique collection of stories about philosophy and life. But what I like most about this multi-talented woman […]


I dodged two bullets in the last four years. I avoided a vitriolic, expensive divorce and narrowly escaped marrying someone who can only be described as the Antichrist. I am thankful daily for my good fortune in both instances, but I am ever-mindful that luck eventually runs out. Therein lies the greatest challenge with my […]


Each time I publish a post in the category While Perched Upon My Soapbox I find myself writing a prelude to the piece. It usually starts out with me making an excuse for the impending rant and how few of these type of posts I actually publish. I do write so few in this category […]


Ben from Dad of the Decade is a versatile, brilliant writer. He is currently writing the poignant story of his life with his daughter Emma. Ben has regularly been bringing his readers (me included) to tears with each beautifully-written installment. With Ben writing on such a serious subject right now, it was with a little […]