Independent women

I often read or see in movies similar moments to what I experienced last weekend with The Boyfriend. Typically the couples are on a beach, a cruise ship, tropical island, or some other beautiful setting by water. He looks in her eyes and delivers some line that makes her swoon. It’s a moment. There’s a […]


Peering down from the top of an indoor climbing wall on Sunday, my belayer continued to repeat she was prepared for me to descend. It was good to know, but I wasn’t ready. As I clung to the top, I had a moment of contemplation. This really wasn’t the appropriate time for self-reflection, but these […]


Who did you want to be, when playing pretend with your friends? Was it the Bionic Woman or the Six Million Dollar Man? How many desperately wanted to be Wonder Woman, with the awesome bullet-deflecting cuff bracelets? Did you fight with friends over which A Team character you would play? My after-school adventures, when I […]


Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. It is a day to celebrate achievements of women around the world, and about recognizing women’s rights and empowerment. So many women came before us to pave the way for greater opportunites and freedom for all women. It is a day to pause and reflect with gratitude […]