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Perfection. I have written my thoughts about this being a dirty word for me. This perfection-seeking tendency is something I will wrestle with quietly my whole life. When I slip into the perfection mode, it leads to trumped-up expectations and inevitable disappointment. Seeking this out in any area of life, including the search for a partner, is […]


Fall back. Two of the best words this time of year. I become gleeful over the idea of having an extra hour.  I would prefer sixty minutes each day though. It seems one thing holding me back from accomplishing more is time; I lack enough of it. If I could add one hour a day […]


Never one to focus on having regrets in life doesn’t mean I don’t wistfully think it would be nice for a do-over at times. In my marriage the constant theme for a do-over was simply laughter; I would have loved to have married someone who made me laugh, a deep, soul-satisfying belly laugh, daily. When […]


In the time I have been single, I have learned a few important things from dating: The first kiss isn’t an indicator of chemistry. A toe-curling first kiss isn’t a foreshadowing of a long-lasting physical connection. The first date is typically a dance, searching for both a romantic stirring as well as obtaining information to […]


Lucky Me

September 14, 2012

in Song of the Week

The last four years of my life have been a series of ups and downs: divorce, heartbreak, financial uncertainty, love, financial certainty, and more. I have made sure I counted blessings in the bad times and didn’t take for granted the good that came my way. Part of being happy is choosing to recognize the […]


Today’s guest, Nancy Davis Kho, is unapologetic about her obsession with music and concerts as an adult. Midlife Mixtape is where she shares it all: music, motherhood, modern life, and memories. Nancy’s taste in music is eclectic and often edgy. It’s a great place to hang out and find a new favorite tune. Nancy is […]