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Tenacious. That’s one adjective a man used to describe himself to me on a first date a month ago. I thought I understood the definition of tenacious before I started dating him, but he has shown me I really didn’t understand the meaning. Tenacious is when a man is interested in a woman, but is […]


Arriving a few minutes early, I quickly scanned the men seated at the bar, trying to determine if one of them was waiting for me. Ah, that one looks a little like him, but no, he is wearing a wedding ring. Wait, maybe it is him and he forgot to slide his ring in his […]


Today’s guest is a special friend: David from The Blue Orchid of Texas. We visit each other’s blogs and enjoy interacting on Studio30 Plus. David always leaves wonderfully insightful and often funny comments here and I love our interactions elsewhere. Anyone who has spent 60 seconds on David’s blog knows he loves women. But if […]


Polka Dot Green Dress

May 16, 2012

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Charlotte from My Pixie Blog is the guest writer today. She is a fun, talented, upbeat person who always seems to brighten my day. I know Charlotte through her blog, volunteer work for Studio30 Plus, and involvement with Single Edition Media so we “bump” into each other almost daily. Charlotte’s writing about love and relationships […]


I find it ironic in a week that I am working on a piece for my blog on hate (in any form), that I find myself as one of the many “start-ups” being slammed for trying to help PopChips go viral with a video advertisement. It is also frustrating to me that the firestorm is […]


There are so many dating sites out there, but are any really cool, hip, and exciting? I can tell you: zero. How great would it be if there was one with, say, Ashton Kutcher as a potential match? Now that would be a surprise! There would still be all the crazies on the site, but […]