Overcoming fear

My Timeline in Review

August 10, 2012

in Life Lessons

Two years ago I was in the exact location I am now: a small lakeside community in the mountains with the same friend and our children. This vacation, like all life experiences, is a notch on my timeline. With all the parallels this vacation to the one in 2010, I keep looking back to the similar […]


I dodged two bullets in the last four years. I avoided a vitriolic, expensive divorce and narrowly escaped marrying someone who can only be described as the Antichrist. I am thankful daily for my good fortune in both instances, but I am ever-mindful that luck eventually runs out. Therein lies the greatest challenge with my […]


 Starting over. Learning something new. Choosing a different path to follow. These are all terrifying concepts. There is comfort in making excuses for being stuck in one place; less risk is involved.  It is much easier to remain mired in a variety of ways, whether emotionally, professionally, intellectually or physically. The first step is to […]


“How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” ~Fight Club There is truth in this statement for life in general, but specifically in relationships. Learning about a new partner in a relationship, many things should be considered. Physical attraction, sexual chemistry, similar interests, compatibility, and communication styles are just […]


Change It used to be a dirty word. No one would dare utter the “c word” around me for fear it would send me in a tailspin. There were reasons for my resistance to change though. I was faced with significant challenges in my marriage and the daily routine, keeping everything together that was within […]


How to Be Alone

February 28, 2012

in Life Lessons

Being alone. Lately I have been contemplating what being alone felt like post separation and how it has taken shape in my life today. This has been on my mind because I have entered a period where there will be a lot of alone time. The Boyfriend and I are typically on the same weekend […]