Six weeks. That’s how long it has been since Sean and I had a kid-free weekend. I think we have forgotten what to do with all the time that won’t be spent cooking for a crowd, attending kid sporting events, playing X-Box, board games, or going to a PG movie. I know this weekend will […]


Today’s guest writer is Jonah Gibson of Days of Living Aimlessly. He is retired, living life now as an artist and home repairman, as you will read below. He is someone I am connected with in various ways (S30P, Facebook, our blogs), always appreciating our interactions. Once you read his piece here, head over to […]


Life is full of surprises, with an adventure at every turn in the road. I have written about embracing this concept often. Being open to unexpected opportunities in life leads to a more rewarding, enriching life, but we must truly be open or we could potentially miss an unexpected opportunity in front of us. In […]


Doubt It creeps in and takes hold. Doubt affects our ability to succeed. It can cloud our decisions. If left unchecked, doubt can lead to panic, anxiety, or paralysis. Lately, I have been battling this debilitating feeling. Monday I start the final eight-week session for photography school. ┬áThe class I am most worried about: Portfolio. […]