Standing at the edge of the lake early Sunday morning before starting the swim for Iron Girl Rocky Gap triathlon, many emotions were brewing. I thought about what was happening in my life the last time I competed in a triathlon, which was 15 long months ago. So much had changed. I was now divorced, […]


Single Me vs. Married Me

September 7, 2012

in Life Lessons

Married Me would rise most weekday mornings at 5:30 to run at least six miles. One weekend morning each week she would typically run 10. Her cycling would never be shorter than a 20-mile ride. Swimming in the summer was a mile a day, five days a week. Winter months would involve 1.5 mile swims […]


I work daily. Yes, seven days a week. Before you start to feel sorry for me, let me stop you. I am not opening up today’s post looking for sympathy or trying to gain a martyr-like status. I love what I do. My work time is as enjoyable as my play time. I do have […]


Last month I raced in the Annapolis Zooma Half Marathon. It was an incredibly hot and humid day. My training leading up to the race was not what I would have liked and the race conditions were not optimal. It required me to dig deep, but I didn’t allow myself ┬áthe option of quitting. Mile […]


If you didn’t read my last post, click HERE to read Girls’ Weekend Part 1. While it was unspoken between us, I think AC and I shared the belief that we might cross the finish line in an ambulance. The reason for this pessimism was the lack of training for both of us. We were […]


If you ┬áread my last post and think the fact that two men in the last two years wrecked me emotionally the day before a race was lost on me, it was not. I was able to immediately make the connection last weekend and quickly alter my pre-race checklist to look like this: 1-Check weather […]