The last time I sent a Christmas card was 2007, which was the last year my ex and I were together. Moving out in December of 2008, there was little thought of creating a Christmas card. Without his name or image on the card, I may as well have called it my divorce announcement rather […]

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Love and Money

September 30, 2013

in Relationships

Early in dating, I told Sean a lot of things that would never¬†happen in our relationship. We wouldn’t date seriously, exclusively, or marry. Ever, on the last one. He took it all in stride, never wavering in his confidence in himself or the possibility of something really great developing between us. So when I told […]

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A New Chapter in Life

February 27, 2013

in Mixed Bag

There are many benefits to writing on a blog. One is the opportunity to clearly see the past as it was in the moment–not a revisionist’s version of it. I am able to look back to read what I was doing, how I was feeling, remember my greatest fears and biggest frustrations.¬†Last night was one […]

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Living with No Regrets

October 19, 2012

in Life Lessons

“What are your dreams?” Someone asked me that soon after I separated from my ex. The question stumped me. I didn’t have an answer, and I was embarrassed I could not conjure up one thing I dreamed to do in my lifetime. To fill the awkward silence, I started rattling off things I wanted for […]

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Never one to focus on having regrets in life doesn’t mean I don’t wistfully think it would be nice for a do-over at times. In my marriage the constant theme for a do-over was simply laughter; I would have loved to have married someone who made me laugh, a deep, soul-satisfying belly laugh, daily. When […]

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Scheduling guest writers each month is one of my favorite blogging activities. What I enjoy most is mixing it up–providing men, women, single, married, and best of all, a wide range of topics. Today’s guest writer, Lee Block, is one who stands out as different from all the writers I have hosted this year: she […]

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