Setting goals

When you hear someone mention a “successful person,” is the assumption this person has a healthy work-life balance or is happy? Of course not. The implication is financial wealth or status. It is how we are trained to evaluate success as a society. But as someone who emphasizes happiness over wealth, I am not one […]


My ex competed for a slot on the U.S. Short Course Duathlon team last weekend. He has made the team the last several years and enjoys traveling to represent the U.S. in the world championship races each fall. This year, if he made the team, he would be traveling to France. The morning of the […]


 Starting over. Learning something new. Choosing a different path to follow. These are all terrifying concepts. There is comfort in making excuses for being stuck in one place; less risk is involved.  It is much easier to remain mired in a variety of ways, whether emotionally, professionally, intellectually or physically. The first step is to […]


Peering down from the top of an indoor climbing wall on Sunday, my belayer continued to repeat she was prepared for me to descend. It was good to know, but I wasn’t ready. As I clung to the top, I had a moment of contemplation. This really wasn’t the appropriate time for self-reflection, but these […]


Summer Days

June 9, 2011

in Parenting

“Who wants to spend the first week of summer sitting inside (and spending large amounts of money) working on dismantling a marriage? My guess is no one.” And so started the first post of summer on this blog last year. Last summer I did my best to create special memories with the kids while navigating […]


This week I have felt every emotion possible as a result of finalizing my divorce. It has been a hard week, but by last night I felt more like myself. I was relaxed and at peace, gathered together with a small group of friends. The friend hosting last night presented me with a cake. There […]