Tomorrow is the big day. It’s the annual make-or-break day for men; you will be back on the market for a girlfriend after screwing up the most important romantic day of the year or, if married, sleeping on the sofa indefinitely. Thankfully, the Naked Girl is here to save the day. Even if you just […]


Man, I Feel Like a Woman

September 20, 2012

in Guests

Today’s guest writer’s opening is a how-we-met story. It’s accurate, but I am going to add a little detail. CV from Cubicle Views joined Studio30 Plus. He was excited to dive in, but didn’t know any of the submission guidelines or anything for that matter. Links supposed to go to the site email address were sent […]


Each time I publish a post in the category While Perched Upon My Soapbox I find myself writing a prelude to the piece. It usually starts out with me making an excuse for the impending rant and how few of these type of posts I actually publish. I do write so few in this category […]


I find it ironic in a week that I am working on a piece for my blog on hate (in any form), that I find myself as one of the many “start-ups” being slammed for trying to help PopChips go viral with a video advertisement. It is also frustrating to me that the firestorm is […]


It’s 2011. Women run for offices as high as President of the United States. Women run Fortune 500 companies. Women are Supreme Court Justices. It is sad, with the various important contributions that women make in society, to recognize there is still a mentality to hold girls back from achieving all they can be academically […]