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Yesterday I shared posts that meant the most to me in 2012, the ones that best defined my year. As promised, today I am sharing the top ten most popular posts from 2012. First, though, I would like to remind readers I write on topics other than love and relationships. And that I am not, […]


2012: In My Own Words

January 2, 2013

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Tomorrow I will be sharing the top ten posts I published in 2012. It’s based upon what readers liked the most of my writing effort in 2012. Today, though, I share my own review of 2012; the posts that help me recall funny times, poignant moments, wonderful life lessons, and more. Maybe not the most […]


It’s Not Goodbye…

November 15, 2012

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Some people enter our lives at precisely the right moment to make a significant impact. Tracey Gaughran-Perez is one of those people for me; she has been an inspiration from the moment I discovered her blog, Sweetney. Tracey’s ability to serve as a muse of sorts didn’t just have to do with her incredible gift […]


NaBloPoMo is Crazy Talk

November 1, 2012

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I am crazy. ALL CAP, italic, and bold kind of CRAZY.  It would be crazy to commit to National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo), writing a blog post each day for the entire month of November. With laundry always getting the best of me, a house that always has a home repair project waiting to be […]


Naked Girl in the Jungle

September 25, 2012

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Naked Girl in a Dress is about rediscovering life and love at any age. My little home on the internet focuses on my aim to live free, happy, and uninhibited following my divorce. Writing here, and living more authentically, has led me on an exciting journey; it’s been a rewarding, enriching life these last four […]


It’s understandable for readers to take vacations, spend time at the pool, and drink a lot of fruity drinks with umbrellas throughout the summer. Maybe some finally decided to read the Shades of Grey series–hopefully on the Kindle so no one knew the book being devoured at the baby pool was mommy porn. With the […]