writing a blog

Over a year ago I wrote a post called “Why I Blog.” The impetus for the piece was a rude comment left by a reader. The hateful words the man left behind on my site made me pause for a moment while I pondered why I would subject myself to this type of feedback. I […]


Today’s guest writer is Leah Carey of The Miracle Journal. She is someone who, no matter how insignificant the contact (e.g., comment of a Facebook post), she makes you feel happy. It’s nothing directed at the person coming in contact with her, but rather her over-abundant amount of grace, inner peace, and happiness. It’s not […]


“What are your qualifications to be writing about relationships?” This question was posed to me recently, which made me laugh. He was being serious and clearly critical of me with his intonation. He was even more displeased when I started laughing. With an undergraduate and masters in Psychology and a former university psychology professor, he […]


As I sit to write this it is almost noon. I have not felt nauseous and there have been no tears so far today. I am also breathing deeper than I have been capable of all week. Part of this is because time is passing and there are only so many tears that can be […]


Life can be simultaneously joyous and challenging. It is something I recognize daily with our family life right now. It is probably inaccurate calling what we are living ‘family life.’ It would be more precise to call it ‘baseball life.’ Family life is having leisurely dinners together each night followed by a movie, trip for […]


Nothing pleases me more than hosting someone who has recently come out as a blogger. Last month I hosted Marie Nicole, who used to blog under the pen name Nikki Rules. The latest guest writer reveling in her nakedness is Aimee (formerly Deus Ex Machina) from Goddess in the Machine. She is a talented, prolific writer. […]