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When I was in the throes of figuring out the online dating scene several years ago, I remember speaking to a neighbor who was also trying to navigate the various sites. She too was overwhelmed with the online dating process. The neighbor declared, “I just want someone who, at the end of a hectic day, […]


Beginning to fade from the extended exposure to sunlight was a child’s artwork project on my friend’s refrigerator. Her daughter was asked to fill in the blank inside a heart glued to pink construction paper. It simply read: “Love is…” Here was her response: “Love is happiness in your heart.” How simple, yet accurate. Children […]


Living with No Regrets

October 19, 2012

in Life Lessons

“What are your dreams?” Someone asked me that soon after I separated from my ex. The question stumped me. I didn’t have an answer, and I was embarrassed I could not conjure up one thing I dreamed to do in my lifetime. To fill the awkward silence, I started rattling off things I wanted for […]


“Do you expect to find someone who will be in precisely the same place emotionally as you throughout the relationship?” Pushing him away, trying to slow him down with the relationship seemed ridiculous once he asked the question. I can’t control what another feels or how soon he arrives at the emotion. I didn’t want […]


Naked Girl in the Jungle

September 25, 2012

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Naked Girl in a Dress is about rediscovering life and love at any age. My little home on the internet focuses on my aim to live free, happy, and uninhibited following my divorce. Writing here, and living more authentically, has led me on an exciting journey; it’s been a rewarding, enriching life these last four […]


My romantic relationships have always come with expiration dates.¬†I can’t always clearly read the date or know the circumstances, but each will perish. This isn’t the healthiest way to start a relationship, searching closely for a date stamp. There will be new beginnings and I should¬†expect some endings, but when the right man comes my […]