My Fairy Godfather

May 30, 2010

in Relationships

My Fairy Godfather. He has great timing and is always impeccably dressed.

There are times in life when we are struggling with a challenge that seems to be getting the best of us. This overwhelming difficulty  feels like it is more than a mere human can handle and, unexpectedly, we receive a little help from an unlikely source. Like magic, someone appears in our lives at the perfect moment offering exactly what is needed to provide some relief.

Sometimes, in extraordinarily difficult times, we are sent a Fairy Godparent.

My Fairy Godfather (FG) and I were friends before he took on his Fairy Godfather duties and I am appreciative that the Fairy Gods assigned me someone I already knew. FG and I would meet on occasion for coffee and would also connect at our weekly business lunches. FG has an acerbic wit, is incredibly bright, and always makes me laugh.

Once FG knew about my separation, he would always ask how I was doing. Unfortunately for FG, I would be honest with responses like this: “I pulled myself together to attend the meeting and will be going back to the sofa and box of tissues once we wrap this up; I am a wreck.”  Even with these overly-candid answers, he continued to ask each week.

Then the texts started coming. And coming. And coming.

FG sent me text messages almost daily for the entire first year of separation. The text messages were brief and varied in topic. I would receive so many over the course of the year that simply said, “I hope you have a good day today.” Even on a few major holidays I received well wishes via text.

So many people made me meals, watched my kids after school, wiped my tears, and more. I am blessed to have all the great friends and family in my life and I know the first year would have been so much more difficult without their love and support. Considering the context of my relationship with FG, meal-making and tear-wiping would not be comfortable for either of us. He was reaching out in a way that worked best for him. Texting was a way FG could support me and it worked.

What is so striking to me is that these text messages were always coming at a good (read: bad) time for me. The texts ended close to the one year anniversary of my separation and, while I didn’t spend much time contemplating the end of these messages at the time, I recognize now the texts ended when I was in much better shape emotionally, so his timing was perfect.

And, yet again, FG had perfect timing.

Recently I was sitting on my deck on a beautiful evening. I was relaxed and lost in my thoughts after a really good cry. I cried because my divorce will be finalized before the end of this year and I have this feeling of failure. I cried because what I wanted for my kids was to live with both parents and they won’t.  I cried because, even though I have supportive friends, I feel so alone in all of this. I cried because I am weary. Suddenly I was shaken from my thoughts by the sound from my iPhone announcing a new text message had been received.

FG had sent me a text.

“Have time for lunch this week or next?”

What timing Fairy Godfather.

Thanks for always being there.

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xylia hall June 20, 2010 at 10:32 am

I call it “the Universe” others say, God, Jesus, *whatever* – But it is gentle, and loving. Even during times when we’re falling apart and can’t see past our own sadness… somewhere around the corner.. is a Fairy God person about to be deployed! Believe!!

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