I Am a Naked Girl in a Dress

The fabulous Kir of The Kir Corner

This week’s guest writer is Kir of The Kir Corner. She is enthusiastic, happy, and passionate about writing. I love to receive comments from her and smile at her tweets to me because Kir is someone bubbling with positive energy.

The tagline on her blog is: “Where Love, Life, and Infertility meet…Parenthood.” Kir writes about her life and is also writing a book (available to read on her blog). Please stop by to visit her after you read what Kir shared on Naked Girl today.


When Kelly asked me to guest for her this week I was happy and of course humbled.

She’s awesome, so I wanted to be awesome for her.

Which lead me to ponder the name of her blog:

Naked Girl in a Dress

Hey honey, aren’t we all?

Naked, I mean.

Exposed and fragile without the camouflage of our clothes?

Indeed it’s all very tongue in cheek if you think about it, the cover that our costumes afford us.

In our clothes we could literally be anyone we want to be, the possibilities are endless as to how far our imagination can take us if we slip into something “a little more comfortable” and no I’m not talking about those yoga pants you love or that other naughty negligee you might own but is squashed somewhere in the bottom of a drawer under the Victoria Secret briefs that you buy to pretend you still “got it”.

Oh. Only me?

Moving on.

So I was thinking about the whole “Naked” thing and I realized that it’s a great euphemism for how I feel lately as a writer. Now that I’ve open up this part of myself, I feel really exposed. I’ve never been particularly comfortable being completely uncovered since I live by the rule that a little mystery never hurt, and a sheet strategically placed can make all the difference in a risqué situation, if you get my drift.

Yet, I am also not a prude of any kind.

Seriously, I’m not!

I love the feel of my uncovered legs under a dress, my feet and arms bared as the stripped down version of myself. As a woman, I love knowing that underneath the entire garb, the colorful garments, even the dainty bling adorning my neck, fingers and earlobes I am bare below them all, a figure of femininity.

Yet blogging doesn’t always encourage that kind of clandestine behavior. Your blank screen screams for you to SHOUT, EXPOSE, DIVULGE and pretend that you have no qualms or trepidation about what you are about, what you present to the world. On the other hand, if you choose to, you never have to “leave the dressing room”. Instead you can twirl in front of the mirror and admire your ensemble without ever revealing anything about yourself.

I walk a fine line with this, I want so much to give so much of myself to the community I love while still keeping some things secret and for myself.

Plus I keep thinking of the day my sons find and read my blog and well I’ve been naked in front of them enough in their young lives already, how much more is appropriate for heaven’s sake?

Oh. Just me? Again?


So I think I am going to keep the sheet handy and use it as a cover-up from time to time and then some days, when I am feeling frisky, I’ll put on the backless dress and glitter heels that I keep at the back of my closet and let you peek inside my wilder side.

I am NAKED underneath after all. ;)

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