5 Reasons to Get Married

I have been considering taking a big step: to marry again. I stand by all the reasons why I hesitate in remarrying, but there is an overriding need for a husband that I just can’t quiet within me any longer. This will come as a shock to many, including The Boyfriend, that I am even entertaining the thought.

I have shared my list of qualities I want in a man for dating, but thought writing about what qualities in a partner would compel me to marry again would also be helpful for those struggling with this same decision.

The Top 5 Reasons I Want a Husband

Chrismas Lights- The single most hideous experience each year is taking down Christmas lights. The ones on the dead Christmas tree means being poked by prickly needles while trying to remove the strands. Freezing in January as I stand on a ladder removing outdoor lights is the only thing worse than wrestling with a dead pine tree.

Car Maintenance- I dislike cars. They are over-priced, quickly-depreciating assets.  I have to put gas into my car so it will run, but I avoid the maintenance as much as possible. Sometimes that means driving it with a rattling sound for a while. And to me, oil changes are optional.

Lawn Care- This is much more than cutting a lawn. This also means no weeds, proper fertilization, edging, spreading mulch, and removing really big plants I point to in the yard.

Home Repairs- This is not because I am incapable anymore, but rather because I found it is more fun with the right person in my life to share in the frustration joy. I would continue to take the lead on the projects because I have found a new sense of pride in home ownership as a result of my ever-growing skill set; I just want a trusty assistant to fetch me Diet Cokes, tools, explain the instructions to me, fix the mistakes I make, and then tell me I did a great job.

Medical Coordinator– There is only one thing I am worse at taking care of than a car: my body. I don’t like going to doctors or taking pills so I avoid both. I suffer through running injuries without proper treatment (while continuing to run of course), refuse medication, don’t make lab appointments, and ignore routine check up reminder postcards. There are a few doctors who scare me so those appointments require someone to walk me in and block the exit wait for me. This is probably the toughest job on the list.

To make this fair to my male readers, and to add a bit of interest to this topic, there will be a single male writer guest posting here soon with his list. In the meantime, tell me:

What do you want in a partner for him/her to be marriage material?

If you are already married, what would you look for the second (or third) time around?

Please only share heart-felt answers in the comment section. “Life partner who is present in the bad times” and “co-parents our blended family beautifully” isn’t what I want to know about. Tell me what you really want.


For Song of the Week I have chosen Sara Bareilles. Enjoy “Love Song.”

Happy Friday!

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