Zombies Are the New Black

Guest Writer Monday I started a several week series. I will be writing about my reflections on a variety of more serious topics. While I am working on these posts, I can’t leave my readers without some humor. So to lighten things up around here, I have Brandon from My Own Private Idaho as guest writer today. He writes about his experiences as a Californian living in Idaho on his blog as well as some random musings. It’s enlightening and hilarious. After you read about zombies here, go visit Brandon’s blog, follow him on Twitter, and friend him at Studio30 Plus.



Zombies are everywhere these days; in the news, on the internet, and heavily in pop culture.

In fact, it’s probably safe to say that Zombies are the new ‘in’ thing right now.  With Halloween only a few months away, now would be the time for investors to look into Zombie-makeup futures.

Zombies are the subject of popular TV Shows.

Zombies are the main antagonists in many video games.

Thanks to a face-eating Floridian, Zombies have also been a hot topic in the news as well…

Zombies are even becoming somewhat of a fashion staple.  Zombie panty hose, anyone??

My local Idaho coffee shop even has a drink special called “The Cure for Zombies.”  The drink consists of four shots of espresso in a cinnamon-chocolate latte.  If you’re feeling a little undead, this drink will fix you up (and ruin your kidneys).

Sadly, it didn’t take very long for PR Agencies and Marketing Directors to notice this trend.  Now, major corporations are trying to figure out how to ‘ride the zombie wave’ and make some money.

Zombie FordRecently on Google+, Ford Motor Company started an ad campaign, hailing their F150 SVT Raptor trucks as “The vehicle you want to own when the zombie apocalypse occurs.”


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