Mixed Bag

Over a year ago I wrote a post called “Why I Blog.” The impetus for the piece was a rude comment left by a reader. The hateful words the man left behind on my site made me pause for a moment while I pondered why I would subject myself to this type of feedback. I […]


Last Friday I wrote a scathing piece about the need to boycott the olympics this year. It generated a lot of dialog with 30 comments so far. In addition to the comments, there was a lot of discussion with readers on Twitter and Facebook. As for the blog comments, I was even called anti American […]


With the one-year anniversary of my divorce passing last week, I have thought about how good life has been these first 12 months of singledom. I could choose to bask in the sun shining right now, but I have decided it is time to work through a few things that I have struggled with in […]


Aging isn’t an all-consuming concern of mine, but I can’t say that looking younger isn’t important to me. It would be hypocritical to do so while admitting I color my hair to hide gray or that I have quite an elaborate anti-aging cream regimen as well.The idea of doing anything painful to myself to look […]


I have always thought the coolest job in the world is a position as a Google doodler. What’s that? You don’t know what a doodler is? I will explain. A team of artists who create Google doodles for the homepage have the official title of doodlers. These doodlers get to work for a great company […]


The internet is where I spend most of my work day. Without fail I stumble upon something daily that makes me laugh. It could be an image, funny tweet, or, in this case, a video. This is my favorite this week. It’s hilarious. Enjoy “Call Me Maybe” performed by the Harvard baseball team.