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Opposites attract. Everyone has heard the saying, but is it true? Some experts say it isn’t accurate if looking for a successful, long-term relationship.* I agree. There can be an initial excitement when meeting someone with different life experiences, interests, and beliefs, but after the curiosity has waned, what is left? I don’t believe, from […]


With Valentine’s Day 15 days away, I have decided to have a Love & Relationship series for the next two weeks. At the beginning of February last year I opened up my blog focus to include relationships, starting the topic expansion off with a similar series. It will be interesting for me to write on […]


There’s a plethora of information on the internet about surviving a divorce, but what about advice for individuals supporting their separated friends? For those interested in being supportive, but never experiencing divorce personally, it can be confusing. A reader recently sent me an email asking how she could best support her separated friend. She suggested I […]


Recently I read something hateful. It was written with the intention to harm another individual and while I was not the person this anger was directed towards, I felt the pain the intended recipient must have felt.The ugliness that exists in another human being to lash out with the intention to do harm is sad. […]