May 2010

There are times in life when we are struggling with a challenge that seems to be getting the best of us. This overwhelming difficulty  feels like it is more than a mere human can handle and, unexpectedly, we receive a little help from an unlikely source. Like magic, someone appears in our lives at the […]

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You Need a Man

May 14, 2010

in Relationships

  “Kell, you need a man.” Me: “Really? I think I am doing great on my own.” Well, not great, actually. OK is probably a better self-assessment. So, what made a well-meaning individual give me this particular advice recently? My house. It is falling apart. Actually, that is another exaggeration (especially if my soon-to-be-ex is […]


Separation is like treading water; I am exhausted from the effort involved in keeping my head above water, yet I make no progress in moving in any one direction. So many things are uncertain: housing, assets, health coverage, college tuition, visitation schedule, retirement, and more. Even when it comes to relationships, I am in a […]


Recently I read something hateful. It was written with the intention to harm another individual and while I was not the person this anger was directed towards, I felt the pain the intended recipient must have felt.The ugliness that exists in another human being to lash out with the intention to do harm is sad. […]


Last week I participated in an arts and crafts event to sell my photography. As the date neared, I began to feel overwhelmed. This was only the second time selling my photography and the event was on a much larger scale. Items to display my work needed to be purchased and I had to think […]