September 2010

Waiting for a new year to begin to set goals is overrated. September is my favorite time of year to set resolutions. After playing with the kids all summer, it is the perfect month to regroup and focus on new goals for myself. This September it is even more important to set goals. In addition to […]


I had many goals when I started this blog. I wanted to make a little ad revenue to help pay for the blog expenses, have a body of work to reference for freelance queries, and improve my writing. I would be lying if I didn’t state the big dream is to be a published author. […]


This week I have spent more time listening than writing. People around me are struggling. Difficult ex-spouses, ailing parents, children struggling with school routines, parents struggling with school routines, separated couples at war, job stress, financial worries, life changes, relationship obstacles, relationship disappointments, and entering puberty have all been discussions I have had this week. […]