December 2010

Last week I asked readers to help me. My children want a dog and I was trying to convince them a llama would be a better pet. My fabulous readers came to my rescue:  some supporting the dog idea and others encouraging me to get a llama. I even received numerous suggestions for other pets. […]


Dancing in the Rain

December 13, 2010

in Life Lessons

Last week a reader commented on a post I wrote five months ago. It was a piece about celebrating the progress I had made in the divorce process. The reader left a supportive comment, letting me know I would get through this time in my life. She also said: “…coping and surviving a divorce is […]


Sundays in my City is a great opportunity to show images from my weekend. I love to participate. As Unknown Mami says, “I showed you mine, now show my yours.” If you are a blogger, consider joining next weekend. A beautiful thirteen mile run on the canal followed by Christmas shopping with a friend and […]


My blogging buddy Alex at Late Enough has a page on her blog called I Ask. Instead of touting she has all the answers, Alex poses a question and the readers give her advice. Some of her recent questions were: Do you believe in aliens? How do I bake cookies? Would you turn in the […]