April 2011

My blog title is based upon something my daughter said at the age of three. I also write often about how much I love children. Simply stated, children bring joy to my life and I learn a tremendous amount about myself and life by seeing the world through their eyes. As a result, it is […]


A week ago today my grandmother died. Gram lived over 90 years. She buried 11 siblings, two husbands, a son, and a grandson. Gram was a strong, remarkable woman who had difficulties in life. Loss of loved ones being the greatest challenge for her. Over 60 years ago my grandmother, a mother to a young […]


A year ago today I composed and published my first blog post. It wasn’t that long ago and yet it seems like a lifetime has passed in what has only been 365 days. A year ago I would not have imagined my life as it is today. In that first post I wrote briefly about […]


Life is like riding a roller coaster. By now I should know that when I think the crazy part of the ride is over, I should actually be ready for whatever is around the next turn. Monday and Tuesday I was stressed and behind in school, but by Tuesday evening felt I was on track again. […]


Monday is a big day for me; it’s the one year anniversary of my first post. So, instead of focusing on writing a long piece today, I have spent time writing for Monday. There has been a lot of reflection as part of the preparation for writing the post. It has sparked a lot of thoughts […]


This has been a restful, but productive weekend. I found balance that has been lost for quite some time. For my readers’ sake, I hope this is the last post I write that includes the word “balance” for awhile. There must be a collective sigh of relief with this admission. At least I have tired […]