January 2012

With Valentine’s Day 15 days away, I have decided to have a Love & Relationship series for the next two weeks. At the beginning of February last year I opened up my blog focus to include relationships, starting the topic expansion off with a similar series. It will be interesting for me to write on […]


On a run recently my mind was racing with ideas. The mind-racing thing actually happens whenever I am not sleeping. Just so you know. Oh, and sometimes my mouth and mind are racing. And somehow I have friends, a family that speaks to me, and a boyfriend. I don’t drive everyone crazy with this trait. […]


Rediscovering Hope and Love

January 26, 2012

in Guests

I meet so many people through my blog and social media. Many I consider friends without ever having met them. Alycia Neighbours is one of those people. She’s someone I know it would be fun to grab a cup of coffee with and spend the morning talking. Alycia is the type of person you feel […]


Peering down from the top of an indoor climbing wall on Sunday, my belayer continued to repeat she was prepared for me to descend. It was good to know, but I wasn’t ready. As I clung to the top, I had a moment of contemplation. This really wasn’t the appropriate time for self-reflection, but these […]


Whenever I write about the good relationship I have with my ex, I receive praise from readers and my social media followers. People comment on my blog about their frustration of not having the same. Many ask how they can get to a good place with their ex as well. I appreciate the praise and […]


200 It’s a big number. No one lives to be 200 and many blogs never live long enough to have the 200th post published. It’s a really big number. Yesterday was my 200th post on Naked Girl in a Dress. It’s not the number that feels so significant though; it where I am compared to […]