June 2012

Last week I was asked to be one of a few co-hosts for a Twitter relationship chat, which led at the conclusion of the chat to inviting participants to watch a relationship coach to the stars, Rori Raye, on UStream. As we all switched to UStream, I did not know what to expect from the […]


This week’s third installment in the Contemplation & Growth Series is on Happiness. Of the six topics being covered, this is the one I write about most often and is part of the goal in being a naked girl in a dress: to be free, happy, and uninhibited. As I have written in the past, […]


On Claims and Karma

June 14, 2012

in Guests

Guest writers for Naked Girl in a Dress are planned at least a month in advance, but the writing schedule for my own posts is much closer to the published dates. That means the guest writers during the current series were chosen before I plotted out the posts I would be writing. Last week we […]


Stress and happiness. They don’t belong together. Actually, it’s incredibly difficult, other than forming a sentence with them, to put them together. Or so I have discovered. The series I started last week is about making even greater positive changes in my life. I found it was time to look up from all I have […]


This week was the start of a series based upon recent reflection, which I hope will lead to greater understanding and personal growth. Over the next few weeks I will be discussing the following topics: happiness, success, commitment, boundaries, perfection, and independence. With posts about my thoughts on commitment and independence published this week, I […]


I dodged two bullets in the last four years. I avoided a vitriolic, expensive divorce and narrowly escaped marrying someone who can only be described as the Antichrist. I am thankful daily for my good fortune in both instances, but I am ever-mindful that luck eventually runs out. Therein lies the greatest challenge with my […]