audrey hepburn

Doubt It creeps in and takes hold. Doubt affects our ability to succeed. It can cloud our decisions. If left unchecked, doubt can lead to panic, anxiety, or paralysis. Lately, I have been battling this debilitating feeling. Monday I start the final eight-week session for photography school.  The class I am most worried about: Portfolio. […]


Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. It is a day to celebrate achievements of women around the world, and about recognizing women’s rights and empowerment. So many women came before us to pave the way for greater opportunites and freedom for all women. It is a day to pause and reflect with gratitude […]


Recently I read something hateful. It was written with the intention to harm another individual and while I was not the person this anger was directed towards, I felt the pain the intended recipient must have felt.The ugliness that exists in another human being to lash out with the intention to do harm is sad. […]