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2012: In My Own Words

January 2, 2013

in Mixed Bag

Tomorrow I will be sharing the top ten posts I published in 2012. It’s based upon what readers liked the most of my writing effort in 2012. Today, though, I share my own review of 2012; the posts that help me recall funny times, poignant moments, wonderful life lessons, and more. Maybe not the most […]


Today’s guest writer is Brahm from alfred lives here. Full disclosure: I fell in love with Alfred, the adorable dog-child of Brahm, first. It was inevitable that I would also fall for the writer though. He is a talented writer and a great guy. Funny is an understatement in describing him too. After you read […]


While other young kids were having Pat the Bunny read to them by their mothers, I was teaching my kids bad words. I felt it was important to learn them, but more essential, learn not to use them. The first two they learned were the “h-word” and “s-word.” But the words I am alluding to are not what […]


Each time I publish a post in the category While Perched Upon My Soapbox I find myself writing a prelude to the piece. It usually starts out with me making an excuse for the impending rant and how few of these type of posts I actually publish. I do write so few in this category […]