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Restoring Our Faith

December 16, 2012

in Life Lessons

When a tragedy strikes, we, as a nation, grieve with the victims and their families. We feel touched by the heartbreaking accounts when the tragedy is a natural disaster, but so much more when the tragic event is caused by another human being. Loss is loss–no less significant if children are swept away by a […]


Over a year ago I wrote a post called “Why I Blog.” The impetus for the piece was a rude comment left by a reader. The hateful words the man left behind on my site made me pause for a moment while I pondered why I would subject myself to this type of feedback. I […]


The big day is here. Studio30 Plus has a new home. For my readers who are also writers, it’s simply the place to be if you want to be a better writer, make friends/network with other writers, learn how to become published, and more.┬áThis is an all-new Studio30 Plus. At first glance you will notice […]


I work daily. Yes, seven days a week. Before you start to feel sorry for me, let me stop you. I am not opening up today’s post looking for sympathy or trying to gain a martyr-like status. I love what I do. My work time is as enjoyable as my play time. I do have […]


My longtime readers know about Studio30 Plus (S30P), a social media site for writers 30 and older, because I have mentioned it regularly. Several of my posts came from S30P writing prompts; I have written for the magazine; and won a couple of awards, mentioning all of these things here. I also spent several months […]