2012: In My Own Words

January 2, 2013

in Mixed Bag

Tomorrow I will be sharing the top ten posts I published in 2012. It’s based upon what readers liked the most of my writing effort in 2012. Today, though, I share my own review of 2012; the posts that help me recall funny times, poignant moments, wonderful life lessons, and more. Maybe not the most […]

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Standing at the edge of the lake early Sunday morning before starting the swim for Iron Girl Rocky Gap triathlon, many emotions were brewing. I thought about what was happening in my life the last time I competed in a triathlon, which was 15 long months ago. So much had changed. I was now divorced, […]

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Single Me vs. Married Me

September 7, 2012

in Life Lessons

Married Me would rise most weekday mornings at 5:30 to run at least six miles. One weekend morning each week she would typically run 10. Her cycling would never be shorter than a 20-mile ride. Swimming in the summer was a mile a day, five days a week. Winter months would involve 1.5 mile swims […]

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My ex competed for a slot on the U.S. Short Course Duathlon team last weekend. He has made the team the last several years and enjoys traveling to represent the U.S. in the world championship races each fall. This year, if he made the team, he would be traveling to France. The morning of the […]

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Free to Be You and Me

June 23, 2010

in Parenting

“Boys are more competitive than girls.” “Boys play more sports than girls.” These are comments made by my son (Monkey) last Friday while we were having lunch with his sister (Princess Daisy). I know my son said these things because I saw his lips moving and the sounds were coming from his mouth. Otherwise, I […]

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