A Week of Gifts at Christmas

christmas lights

Last night the children and I drove home after a weekend away visiting old friends. We wound down country roads and through small towns the entire way home. We listened to Christmas music on the drive and talked about the coming week, which is filled with many exciting things for us. We also talked about gifts. Not gifts that will be placed under the tree, but the gifts that we are blessed with in our lives.

As the kids grew quiet and we drove through a small, beautifully lit town, I realized that I am more excited about this Christmas than I have been in many years. All three of us are happy and settled into our life together. There is peace in our lives. We are blessed this Christmas.

This week, with Christmas just days away, I will be sharing favorite gifts each day. I hope you will share this week as well.


First Gift

Second Gift

Third Gift

Fourth Gift






3 responses to “A Week of Gifts at Christmas”

  1. Justin

    Awesome post. It is nice to see people happy about Christmas.

  2. As always I read your post and I relate in so many ways.

    I remember my first Christmas as a divorced single mother of two kids…2008 was the year. A year of many new beginnings.

    It was the first Christmas in years that I was actually looking forward too. No fighting. No trying to encourage my husband to participate in the fun. No feeling bad for whatever the “problem” was that day. It was a year of me and my babies and our new found family.

    It didn’t even bother me when I was alone on Christmas night because the kids were with their Dad. I was happy.

    Reading your post took me back there and then brought me to present day as I am on the cusp of celebrating my first Christmas with yet again my new found family…wonderful step dad entered the equation this year.

    When we make choices to live a life of “happy” only good things come.

    A Merry Merry Christmas to you hun!!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      It is wonderful to read where you were in your life, just a few years ago, and where you are now. It is encouraging to read so thank you for sharing this story with me.

      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well.