Finding Balance: Enjoying Life and Ignoring Dust Bunnies


Sometimes I work incredibly hard to try to keep it, but fail miserably. This isn’t a week that I have failed; it’s only Wednesday so I can’t make that assessment of myself. And it is harsh to say I have failed, of course. I try not to use the F-word too often. This has just been an incredibly difficult week with all the responsibilities I have in my life.

I have weeks I feel perfectly balanced, when I keep to my writing schedule; am on top of work assignments; the house is organized/clean; I have fun social outings/dates for myself; and great interaction with the kids. Those weeks the house is stocked with bread; lunches are made and ready for school; my school assignments are completed ahead of time; and laundry hampers are empty.

That has not been my week. The last 30 days have been stressful as I worked on a special project for work. It meant many nights/mornings working until 2 AM. Sometimes I was awake working on the special project, but some nights were devoted to keeping up with my writing.

The traditional definition of “balanced” is definitely not how I would describe my life this past month. And, what I have learned in recent years, is that it is okay. The kids and I are not just surviving, but thriving in chaos this week. Instead of cleaning the kitchen and vaccuming last night, I played a game with the kids. I took a break from working until 1 AM last night to talk with a friend instead. The kids have helped pack lunches and not complained about basic dinners.

And the dirty dishes and dust bunnies can wait a few more days. I need a break. I have come up for air with the work project completed and I am ready to do other things. Monkey and I are going to Washington Nationals Opening Day tomorrow and the three of us will be having dinner with my mom. It’s my weekend with the kids and we have already planned two fun activities for the weekend.

I actually think this is balance: looking at life and recognizing where to focus and when, but also what is not essential. The reality, as a single, working mom who is in school and focusing on growing as a writer, I have to work hard as I balance on the tightrope in my life. And maybe, for sanity’s sake, it involves a slightly different thought of what it means to be balanced.

Work hard but also relax, enjoy life, and laugh. And leave dust bunnies for another day.

This, to me, is balance.







14 responses to “Finding Balance: Enjoying Life and Ignoring Dust Bunnies”

  1. I have that issue sometimes, thinking I need to tackle the metaphorical dust bunnies every day and getting very frustrated because I think they’re going to pile up on me, but then they never really do, do they?

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I agree~we eventually get out from under those dust bunnies so why worry so much?

  2. Oh, balance. That’s becoming a not so nice word around here. Balancing the housework, the kids, the blog, the other sites I get “paid” to write for…it’s a never ending cycle. I need to learn to survive on less sleep. Or learn better time management skills.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      It is tough Leigh Ann. Sleeping less has been the only solution I have discovered for myself, but I have to figure something else out! This weekend we are trying to get caught up around the house. My kids have been great about helping today, which has been a big help.

      If you figure a better time management plan, let me know. I would love to sleep again soon!

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  4. great post. I agree. Balance comes in different forms and doesn’t always look like we expect. We have to take it as it comes sometimes.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress


      I have definitely been taking it as it comes! Redefining balance has helped me keep my sanity while I am in school.

      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Tammy Vitale

    Balance moves because the center moves! You grow off in one directio nand you’re out of balance. So what? It just means you’re living life! “Balance” is highly overrated!

  6. Yes, balance is knowing when to let things go.
    Dust bunnies are patient.
    Came from TRDC linkup…

  7. Balance. I don’t think I’m ever good at that. I need to focus on work, losing weight, blogging, trying to date and meet guys because I’d one day not like to be single. I’d also like to spend time tendign to my pets and need to keep my house clean. I really have no clue how to do all of these things and still sleep at night. Congrats to you on fining balance with your unbalance. Stopping by from the Reddress club.

  8. I couldn’t agree more! And I needed this reminder. I was sitting here feeling guilty for reading blogs and writing, when the house is a disaster, but you know what? It was a tough week. I deserve a break. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Oh, I love when I can help someone else be less productive. Way to go me!

  9. Howdy! I’m visiting from Write on Edge. Great post. The word “balance” scares me. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever achieve it. One of the most wonderful things my husband ever said was, “If you have to choose between cleaning and playing with the kids, play with the kids.” To me, that sounded every bit as good as “I love you.”

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      1) Your husband is awesome.

      2) Balance is totally overrated.