New Synonym for Stubborn: Stupid

Life is full of surprises, with an adventure at every turn in the road. I have written about embracing this concept often. Being open to unexpected opportunities in life leads to a more rewarding, enriching life, but we must truly be open or we could potentially miss an unexpected opportunity in front of us.

In the last several months I almost missed a few wonderful opportunities as a result of not heeding my own advice. One of these near-miss opportunities in recent months is related to my photography career.

At the beginning of each new class in photography school we were asked to introduce ourselves. Included in this introduction was typically the request to state our area of interest in photography. I would always state my interest was food and, no matter what, I would never shoot weddings. At the completion of my program I am confident from my consistent message that every student, administrator, and faculty member knew I would never shoot weddings.

In August a talented photographer I met through school asked me to be her second shooter at an upcoming wedding. I thanked her, but explained quite emphatically that weddings were the worst possible photo shoot I could ever imagine. I gave her multiple reasons why I was a bad choice and gave her a list of other students more suited for the job. I listened to all her reasons why she wanted me to shoot with her and then turned down the opportunity.

The week before graduating she approached me about another wedding. She wore me down with her arguments and sweetened the deal by telling me I could take the lead on the food photography aspect of the wedding. This, she stated, would help me expand my food portfolio.

She knew my achilles heel and went for it; the argument worked.

Guess what?

I loved shooting the wedding.

The photographer I worked for laughed, telling me she knew I would love it. She was persistent and I am grateful that she didn’t allow my stubborness and stupidity get in the way of this opportunitiy. I will always be grateful she asked me a second time. She has asked me two more times since the first wedding we shot together and I continue to enjoy the work and experience.

My life today doesn’t look like I expected it to a few months ago; it actually looks better than I could have imagined. Had I held firm, being mired in old decisions I made, it would have been a mistake. I have been thinking about this a lot recently because of how happy I am in all areas of my life and how blessed I feel, knowing how close I was to missing the opportunity to be in such a wonderful place in my life.

Looking back and holding tight to decisions made in the past can be a dangerous thing.

Have you had a similar experience of almost missing a great opportunity?

Please share!





10 responses to “New Synonym for Stubborn: Stupid”

  1. I’ll give you credit if you like shooting weddings. I don’t do them often. I try and avoid them at all costs. I actually will only usually do them for friends and even then, it usually takes some pleading from them. I’ve done several, but the nerves, worry and everything else never goes away. If you enjoy them, have fun with them. I know I never will, unfortunately. :(

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      The secret to a stress-free wedding gig is to be the SECOND SHOOTER! Instead of having the bride as a client, I am the hired help…the second photographer. Maybe someday my confidence will be at a level where I am ready to be responsible if anything goes wrong, but right now it is great to just be paid to be in the background shooting and learning as I go.

    2. I’ve never been in a stress-free wedding when shooting — first or second — because I know if I mess it up, I’m messing up a lot. I have a lot of confidence in my ability, but it’s tough.

      And being I don’t do it enough, I don’t usually charge a ton, so hiring a second shooter isn’t something that I could do without losing $$$ in regard to time etc!

      I have friends who love it and do well with it. I just usually avoid them when possible!

    3. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I completely understand your thoughts, which is why I continued to maintain I would never shoot a wedding. Since I am second shooter, I don’t feel as much stress. I guess you should stick to baseball! :)

  2. Lovely wedding! There’s nothing like relishing what could have been a missed opportunity

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Thanks Mariel! I am relishing over the wedding work as well as the new relationship I am in. Two really great things in my life that I almost missed!

  3. Jewels

    The pictures look amazing. Sometimes it can be scary trying something new or daring to try something you don’t think you’ll be fantastic at but the payoff is always worth it. You usually realize you were wrong and worst case scenario you tried something new. I am so glad you took the opportunity in front of you and that she didn’t give up asking you. :)

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Me too Jewels! It is such a rewarding, fun job and I almost lost having the experience. So happy it worked out.

  4. wonderful pictures

    I like other people’s weddings

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Ha! Me too Lance. I am thinking shooting weddings my restore my faith in marriage. Either that or it will scare me off from ever doing it again!

      Thanks for the compliment.