What Would You Bring to a Deserted Island?

Island with palm tree Dinnertime is now fun in our family. For many reasons it was a time of day I dreaded when I was married, which is why it was one of the first things I took control of and reshaped when my ex and I separated. We now talk about upcoming events and plans we would like to make together. We discuss the best part of our day. But we also have lively, interesting conversations on a wide range of topics. Overall dinner is a fun time to wind down, enjoy a meal, and connect as a family. It’s everything I wanted it to become four years ago.

Last night is a great example of an interesting evening discussion.My son posed the following question:

If you could take only one thing to a deserted island with you, what would it be?

I started, but first asked for clarification: “Is there Wi-Fi?”

Once confirming I was going to have Wi-Fi access, I responded: “One of my Apple products then, of course.”

But then it hit me. POWER.

I may have then said this was a horrible game, imagining life with access only until the battery died. There might have been some breathing into a bag to help mommy stop hyperventilating. Possibly.

Once I was properly medicated for the anxiety this induced calm again, it was Monkey’s turn to respond: “I made this up so I get to pick two: an assault rifle and a Jet Ski.”

Apparently the assault rifle is for hunting and the Jet Ski is for play time. Monkey’s big sister told him what a crazy answer that was, but he maintained it was a great idea. {Note to self: more restrictive time with video games might be necessary.}

Princess Daisy sat quiet for awhile, telling her brother not to rush her. Her face brightened to a big smile as the answer came to her: “My one thing is the Disney cruise ship, which will have my iPhone in a stateroom and my clothes.”

After spending the morning researching 12-step programs for Apple addicts, I thought about a better response. I decided there would be food I can catch and gather. After reading The Hunger Games I am actually well prepared. Since food and water would be available,  I decided the best thing to bring would be books. Stories take the reader to another place; it is the best escape and greatest entertainment.

Top 5 Books to Take to a Deserted Island (in no particular order)

1) The Great Gatsby

2) Complete Works of Ernest Hemingway

3) The Hippopotamus

4) Anything Written by Ruth Reichl

5) Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century

A favorite list of anything is an ever-evolving project. There are countless books I would like to add to the list. This, however, is a good representation of things I enjoy in life: a good story, a masterfully-written body of work, humor, good food, and beautiful images.

Please share in the comment section: What would you bring?

It’s Friday so of course there is a Song of the Week. In keeping with my deserted island theme, I am choosing Coldplay: a band I would like to listen to on the island. But of course now that we worked out there would be a power issue, we all know I would be screwed. If I could listen to music, it would be Coldplay. Here’s “Paradise:”







12 responses to “What Would You Bring to a Deserted Island?”

  1. A desalinator (is that a real word?). And facial wash, facial lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste. My body can stink to high heaven, but I want my face and mouth clean.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I started thinking about the water situation, but hopefully I could boil the water. Of course that would require me to build a fire. Hmmm…I hope you get stuck with me on the same island.

  2. Seriously? Only 5? C’mon!

    You’ve made this EXTREMELY difficult, but here goes:
    1. “Dhalgren” by Samuel R Delany
    2. “The Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien (Technically, it is one book)
    3. “Labyrinths” by Jorge Luis Borges
    4. “Dune” by Frank Herbert
    5. “On Writing” by Stephen King

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      It is hard to pick just 5 books. I cheated a little and slipped in Hemingway’s complete works on one line. I will have to check out On Writing by King.

  3. Tj

    The Invisible Man to read and a partner to play with.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Great choices.

  4. I agree with King’s On Writing. I would also add Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier (my all time fave, even better than the book); the collected stories of O Henry (yep a bit of a cheat); Becoming a Man by Paul Monette, and for something recent Life of Pi….

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I thought of Life of Pi, thinking it might make me feel better about the situation of being stuck on the island. I then decided it might depress me. I love your other choices and now I really do need to read King’s On Writing: 2 recommendations for it.

  5. I think I would want to bring my husband, kids, or Ryan Gosling! MMM! LOL IF you meant a physical item and not people um I would probably bring some matches so I could cook whatever food we caught. LOL As for BOOKS – OMG I would need to just bring an entire library, or my Nook!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I forgot matches so I hope you are on the same island. I don’t have a way to cook in my scenario.

  6. Two things: a boat and a naval map.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Ohhh, so smart!