What Would Bryce Harper’s Mom Do?

Bryce Harper

Life can be simultaneously joyous and challenging. It is something I recognize daily with our family life right now. It is probably inaccurate calling what we are living ‘family life.’ It would be more precise to call it ‘baseball life.’

Family life is having leisurely dinners together each night followed by a movie, trip for ice cream, or game night. It means sitting on comfortable, cushioned furniture in an air-conditioned home. A home which has wireless internet connection as well. Watching pro baseball is included in family time as is seeing our favorite summer collegiate league baseball team. It means meeting friends at the pool, long walks around the lake, and snuggling up on our big sofa with all three of our noses inside three great books.

Baseball life involves dinners beginning and ending in no more than 30 minutes. No games, books, pro baseball, college-level baseball, game nights, or movies are part of baseball life. There isn’t a comfortable seat, air conditioning or internet connection either.

But I am not complaining.

I love every moment of watching my son play on an All-Star team and I can’t wait for the Cal Ripkin State Tournament this weekend. No baseball is as thrilling as watching my son and his team play.

Actually, I do have one, small complaint.

I don’t understand why Wi-Fi has not been installed at the fields where we practice. It would make daily baseball practices much less challenging. I could write and work, looking up regularly to see my son’s team practice. I really don’t think this is too much for parents to ask for from the league.

If I see Mr. Ripkin at the State Tournament, this Wi-Fi challenge is something to discuss with him. I could explain how I need to work on my blog while my son practices. If the League would just build into the registration fees for each child a nominal amount more, all Cal Ripkin Little League organizations could have Wi-Fi installed. It’s not like I am asking for something ridiculous, like a Starbucks at each field. This is a reasonable request, asking the league to accommodate the hard-working, dedicated parents who support their future pro baseball players.

From what I have read about Bryce Harper’s mother and her commitment to making pro baseball a possibility for her son at such a young age, I feel inspired with this mission. I know Mrs. Harper would do the same. She has a pro-active approach to life, finding a way to make anything she focuses on possible.

Since I have not yet accomplished my Wi-Fi Field of Dreams yet, I have faced serious writing and work challenges. My series on Contemplation & Growth should have been completed, but my writing time has been minimal.

Seven days from today, life returns to normal. Writing will be more frequent, family time will resume, and life will settle down. But for now I am accepting the challenges we face from living a baseball life and I am enjoying each moment that looks like this:

Kid pitch baseball

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8 responses to “What Would Bryce Harper’s Mom Do?”

  1. I love baseball. I loved playing Little League thru high school. Unfortunately neither of my boys are into it. Imagine that! Very cool that not only is your son into it but your family is immersed. I’m not really complaining though. My boys make up games and aren’t missing out anything by any means. But I admit I wish one of them cared about baseball even a tiny bit.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      There is always a silver lining, right?

      Yours is you have internet connection.

      As for baseball, it is the greatest sport. I am so happy to share it with my son.

  2. I imagine that would throw a wrench in a lot of things, practices and outtings like that. Our daughter hasn’t gotten into those yet. YET. I can only imagine how little time we will have when she does! :)

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Advice to you Monkey Butt: Don’t allow kids a lot of activities. As they get older and the time commitment is greater, life can get out of control. My daughter has tennis and my son is focused on baseball. That keeps my ex and I incredibly busy. I don’t think we could handle anything more and have a balanced family life.

  3. I’m hoping for worldwide WIFI within the next three years. I could get SO much done while I sit at tae kwon do. Or guitar. Or wherever.

    In the meantime, treasuring the moments where there’s no outside interference: just me and a boy and a sport or an instrument.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      There are many days I enjoy the fields, knowing I am truly unplugged and am at peace. The daily 2 1/2 hour practices and my writing frequency dropping is what has brought me to this place–to writing this piece.

      I am trying to not focus on feeling behind, but rather enjoying these final days of practice.

      Worldwide Wi-Fi is a brilliant concept.

  4. This has even more meaning in 2013! And you parents out there at baseball (softball, spring soccer, whatever) are not alone. During baseball season, [Maris] and I would only eat at Dogfish Head early enough to be home by first pitch, or if we could have the big TV in the dining room tuned to MASN.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Oh, you make me proud Joe!