Naked Girl in the Jungle

Jungle of Life blogNaked Girl in a Dress is about rediscovering life and love at any age. My little home on the internet focuses on my aim to live free, happy, and uninhibited following my divorce. Writing here, and living more authentically, has led me on an exciting journey; it’s been a rewarding, enriching life these last four years.

One wonderful opportunity that has come my way in the last 12 months was the offer to join the Jungle of Life writers as the relationship writer. The site, run by Lance Ekum, is a unique concept. He has a team of writers publishing one piece a month on the following topics: Career, Health, Family & Social Life, Personal Growth/Spirituality, Relationships, Finances, Creative Expression, and Fun/Recreation. We are given a writing prompt to guide our writing on our assigned category.

There are months I squirm being the relationship writer when I don’t feel I have it all figured out, but I realize through the comments left I am resonating for many who read Jungle of Life. It’s a monthly writing commitment that I am honored to have in my life these last seven months.

I hope you will take time to peruse Jungle of Life. A list of all the articles I have written are on my author’s page, but read the other writers, too. Lance has a great team in place, sharing  inspiring and informative information each month.

Thank you, as always, for visiting me here. I hope you will become a regular reader at Jungle of Life, too.





4 responses to “Naked Girl in the Jungle”

  1. What an awesome opportunity that sounds like, Kelly! On my way now to check this out. XOXO

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I saw your comment on my most recent Jungle piece. Thanks so much for visiting me there!

  2. Okay Kelly…I just have to say that your title for this one is way clever (and fun and awesome and well…who knows what kind of traffic this might bring!!) ha!!

    It’s great having you in the Jungle…and today that includes the BIG smile you brought to my face when I arrived here!! LOVE IT!!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I had a lot of stumbles for this post yesterday; I am sure the title had something to do with it. Hey, it’s good for both of us, right?

      Writing for Jungle of Life is a great experience. I am still so appreciative you asked me seven months ago.