Unleash Your Social Verve

SverveHave you heard of Sverve yet?

It’s a place for female social media enthusiasts with blogs to come together to share tips and articles they love, help each other build greater social influence, increase blog readership, and connect easily with brands for sponsorships and affiliate opportunities. It’s fun, educational, and profitable for any female blogger.

In the time I have been a member, I have enjoyed watching my Sverve social influence (think Klout) go up, loved the articles shared by the people I follow on Sverve, and have been shocked by the number of brands I have met and represented as a result.

I highly recommend joining (it’s free) to learn first hand what all the buzz surrounding Sverve is about.

While you are there, stop by to read the article I just published on their blog. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be their featured writer for the week. The article has tips for making the most of sponsored campaigns and affiliate programs for a win-win experience for the brand and you.

Go on….get your Sverve on today!