A Positive Reflection

February 28, 2013

in Life Lessons

reflectingThis week I wrote a post after re-writing the About page on my site. While I discovered an irrelevancy now to those words describing me from three years ago when it was originally written, I found a shift in my writing focus as well.

The reflection I see of myself now reveals not only a changed woman, but also a different writer. Several years ago, I wrote often of the struggles I faced while working through the divorce. And, as recently as last summer, I wrote about being unsure of long term relationships, marriage, and even dating.

Reading what I have written since the first date with Sean to now, I have found more hope-filled and positive posts. The most popular posts I have written in this period of time involve living a better life, doing more with the time I have, being present in the moment, and feeling grateful for various experiences. These are all topics I have written about over the years, but the theme seems to shine even brighter in my writing these last six months. While this opinionated Naked Girl will continue to write about thoughts on dating and singledom (I have a lifetime of material from my time on the dating scene), I am happy to write more inspiring pieces as well as write to my newly-created category: blending a family.

Life is constantly changing. As a writer, I see my life and writing shift in tandem, and I love the dynamic between the two.

For those of you who have followed my journey through my writing here these last three years, thank you. I hope you will stay with me as I see how my life unfolds and my writing evolves in the future.

5 most popular posts (based upon page views) written in the last six months:

  1. 45 Life Lessons Written by a 90-Year-Old
  2. Relationship Success: Enjoying the String of Tiny Moments
  3. What Would You do with an Extra Hour in Your Day?
  4. What is Love?
  5. Twenty Years from Now

 Tell me, what positive reflection do you see today?

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