December 2010

I will be spending the day playing games, building Legos, cooking, watching the snow fall, playing with my new Kindle, and enjoying the company of friends and family this evening. With all the fun and excitement, I wanted to take a moment to share another gift today: the gift of faith. Having faith as a […]

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There is no greater gift than to love and be loved unconditionally. Unconditionally is the most important word in the previous sentence. To me, conditional love is not love at all. And, most important, it isn’t a love I want in my life. “I love you and…” instead of “I love you but…” is what […]


I feel so blessed to be in good health. I am able to be physically active, which allows me to fully appreciate all life has to offer. I have the ability to do something as simple as play catch with my son or help my daughter practice her tennis stroke. And, on the more extreme […]


The Gift of Children

December 21, 2010

in Mixed Bag, Parenting

Yesterday I wrote about a special holiday series of posts leading up to Christmas. Regular readers are probably not surprised to read the first gift I am sharing is the gift of children. I have only focused one post on the joys of motherhood, but there are many stories of my life with children throughout […]


Last night the children and I drove home after a weekend away visiting old friends. We wound down country roads and through small towns the entire way home. We listened to Christmas music on the drive and talked about the coming week, which is filled with many exciting things for us. We also talked about […]


Longtime readers know that I am always looking for the positive in life. Gratitude is important to me. As someone who is active and enjoys running outdoors year-round, it has been hard to find the positive lately. My iPhone has delivered bad news each morning. For example, “18 degrees, feels like 2 degrees, 40 mph […]